Steam Vs Epic Store

Steam vs Epic Store

Alright look, i won’t see here and act like I’m not biased. I love Steam, always have and always will. But after becoming angry after hearing about “The Outer Worlds” becoming an Epic Store exclusive for 12 months i decided to look into the real problem.

Announcement of Epic Game Store exclusive


The real issue comes down to money, Steam is asking 30% of sales to go straight into their pockets. you can love Steam as a platform as much as you want but this is a real problem. You can’t blame companies for looking for ways to make more money from the sale of the game, and we can whine all we want but the real issue falls into the hands of Valve and how they will respond to the AAA games moving onto a new store.

Revenue split

What do we do?

Don’t buy the game? i mean realistically that’s all you can do. I for one have no reason to not purchase this game other then me believing the Epic Store isn’t ready for such high selling titles to be on it’s platform just yet. The security and ease of use just isn’t as polished as it is on Steam. But the problem we should have is companies using Steam as a marketing tool.

using Steam as a marketing tool


The real problem that i believe we all have is companies using a “gamer favorite” site/store such as Steam to get us hyped about a product and then at the last second pulling it, or doing a timed exclusive. I don’t have a problem with a company wanting a better profit split from a game they make, nor do i think us as gamers mind. But using Steam as a way to get eyes on your game to then pull it, will always get me upset, upset enough to write a whole blog post about it. All we can do is hope that Valve and Steam will figure this out. Being the fan favorite will only last for so long before other companies turn to where the money is.

If you wanted to take a look at the game but haven’t, here is Game Informers gameplay trailer of it.


Jesus Christ where do i begin on this whole monster PR nightmare that EA and BioWare has found themselves in. I think a lot of the blame of this games horrid launch actually falls on us, the consumer. We have let gaming companies think that they can release unfinished, truly awful “live service” games and we will eat them all up. When will the gamer come to realize that we are in control of these companies? We decide what sells and what is a success, not the greedy companies that make these trash ass games and release half baked titles thinking that, “this is what the customer wants” When we all know that we want fully developed titles with a lot of things to do!

Is Anthem really that bad?

No, Anthem isn’t a terrible game, it has the pieces to truly be something amazing. But even playing the game for an hour you can see that it was a rushed product, things that needed to be in the game just aren’t. The end game for this is terrible, and honestly as a player that looks for epic PVE action, i just didn’t find what i was looking for in Anthem. It seems like most of the internet and the gaming community seems to agree with me on this one.

How do we fix it?

Honestly the only way for the gaming community to stop having titles launch like this is to stop buying the games. Put your money where your mouth is and only purchase games from companies that you trust. So many indie companies are working hard to get your money and time, don’t spit in the face of them because it doesn’t have amazing graphics, that is the one of the plague of the communities. The most fun i can remember having in a game was RuneScape, let that settle in for a moment. RUNESCAPE, some of the worst graphics in a browser game gave me the most enjoyment. We need to start looking at video games as entertainment, and if they are launching with nothing to do and we can tell they rushed the game, stop buying from that company. Lets change the mindset of gamers together.

The First Step

This will be a way for me to get my thoughts out to the world. It won’t be fancy, it won’t be some kind of in depth look into the gaming industry, it will be my raw opinion about how 1 guy thinks the gaming industry is on a one-way ticket to failure, and how i believe us as the consumers need to stop being blind to the practices and products they are putting out.


Just a heads up before you click that button to read the random words i put on this page, i suck at spelling. English has never been my best subject in school nor will i try and hide the fact that i don’t proof read before i post things. The whole purpose of this blog is to get my full 100% raw emotions about an industry that i have been passionate about ever since i was a little kid.

The Truth

I will always try my hardest to bring the truth to my Blog. I will try my best to never mislead or ruin the trust i will try to build with the people who read this random blog in the far reaches of the internet. If you think i have put something out with some misinformation feel free to use the contact page and send me an email stating why you think what i said wasn’t true and I’ll do my best to correct it.

Who am i?

I am someone who has been playing video games as long as i can remember, and someone who was raised around the industry and who takes it as serious as a guy who plays video games and goes to school full time can.